Review of Black Entertainment Album by BM Linx

Review of BM Linx album 'Black Entertainment'.

BM Linx Black Entertainment Album

Formed in 2005, this is the follow-up to BM Linx's debut album 'The Portable Genius', which arrived a year later. Much of the mixing of the record was carried out by lauded producer Alan Moulder, who has worked with the likes of Depeche Mode and Arctic Monkeys.

The album begins with 'Valentine' which features a full ninety second intro of synths and handclaps before droning on until the six minute mark in an uninspired opening number and unfortunately it isn't the last time a song outstays its welcome. 'Red House Been Empty' is an indulgent prog-rock snooze, while 'Kids On Fire' is a marriage of disco and rock that doesn't encourage a return for the one-time popular Electric Six. 'Black Entertainment' suffers from any degree of continuity with BM Linx having something of an identity crisis. Given the heavy rhythm pieces and power chords regularly used, the last thing one would expect is the acoustic strum of 'White Limousine', which actually ends up as one of the better tracks by offering a moment of tranquillity amongst the mess. Variety may be the spice of life but this trio are a jack of all trades and are far from being a master at any one of them.

Alex Lai

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