Blur have announced that they intend to unveil two new songs via Twitter, Rolling Stone reports today. The British band have written two new tracks specifically for their August 12, 2012 show in Hyde Park, London, which will coincide with the closing ceremony for the Olympics, held in the city. The announcement was made via a YouTube video, which features bass player Alex James talking over footage of what appears to be Hyde Park.
In the video, he reveals that 'Under The Westway' and 'The Puritan' will be made available on Monday July 2, 2012. The former will debut at 6:15pm Bst and the latter at 7:15pm Bst. Alex explains that they will perform the songs from a London rooftop, live on Twitter. "Very exciting," he explains, "two songs written specifically for the Hyde Park show. two tracks that show completely different sides of Blur. 'The Puritan,' which is a big and bouncy, up and at 'em singalong special and 'Under the Westway is more a hymn. I think they'll both go down very well.
"Being asked to close the Olympics was something we couldn't really turn down," explained Alex. "This is something that happens very rarely and who knows whether it will happen again. Maybe this is the end." A limited edition 7" vinyl version of the two songs will also be released on August 6, 2012.