Blur think their recent Wembley Stadium shows were their “best ever” gigs.

The ‘Narcissist’ hitmakers have been performing together for over 30 years but don’t think anything they’ve done can compare to their two recent huge London concerts.

Speaking to Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1, frontman Damon Albarn said: “Yeah. I think it was. The Sunday night was the best ever concert.

“Thank God I turned away because you can see my body was like that. It was this guy to my left who was I think from Argentina with a few other people, and he's just so emotional. That hit a nerve inside me.”

Bassist Alex James added: “I was doing live telly yesterday, and the person sitting next to me had been to the gig, and they said, ‘How was Wembley?’

“And she just started absolutely gushing and then I nearly started crying.”

Despite the huge size of the venue, the quartet – which also includes guitarist Graham Coxon and drummer Dave Rowntree – found the gigs felt intimate because the set-up meant they could see the faces of the crowd.

Alex said: “I think what's different about Wembley is there's more people and they're all stacked up on top of each other…

“A certain artist who would prefer to remain anonymous said afterwards, ‘It was like watching four guys have a kick around in the park, but the park was Wembley Stadium.’

“It did feel like a pub gig, just the people going absolutely insane.”

Dave added: “Well, you don't normally see it. The good thing about Wembley was it's actually, the footprint of the place is quite small, so all the people, you can actually see the faces of the people.

“And we started playing in the daytime, which we don't normally do, so again, you could actually see the effect the songs are having.”

Damon agreed: “But the fact is you're really small. On the stage, you look like ants. And if you thought like that, if you actually could realise that perspective while you're on stage, you'd be so intimidated by it.”

And the band appreciated the quality of the sound within Wembley.

Alex said: “The other good thing about Wembley, it's really, really loud. You can't go that loud in Hyde Park.

“But just in terms of the sound on stage, because I think because we were able to get in there the day before and just bed in.”

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