Blur's gig at Blackpool's Empress Ballroom had to be halted on Wednesday when the front barrier separating the crowd from the stage gave way. The collapse, triggered by a mosh pit, occurred during the evening's second song, There's No Other Way.

BlurBlur had to temporarily halt their show at Blackpool's Empress Ballroom

Singer Damon Albarn stopped the song and asked fans to take a step backwards. He explained that the barrier was faulty and that safety had to come first - however, after another attempt to restart the song the band left the stage altogether.

Fan Lidia Facchinello said: "The barrier fell forward right in front of us. Loads of people started having a go at the staff fixing it."

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The band returned after a 10-minute delay while the barrier was repaired.

Albarn apologised, saying: "Sorry about that. At least it won't collapse now", before playing Lonesome Street, the opening track from the group's new album The Magic Whip. The band went on to play crowd-pleaders Parklife, Song 2 and Girls & Boys, as well as new songs Ong Ong and Go Out during a 23 minute set.

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"Thanks again for your patience at the start," Albarn said later, "It's the worst thing that could have happened. Well, unless something had happened."

The band continue their warm-up tour at Llandudno tonight before headlining The Isle of Wight festival on Saturday. Blur then head to Paris, London's Hyde Park, the Super Bock Super Rock Festival in Portugal and Spain's Benicassim.