Alex James makes "psychedelic" cheese.

The Blur bassist became a dairy farmer when the group went on hiatus in 2003 and his newly-reconciled bandmates have been enjoying the fruits of his labour - with unexpected consequences.

Guitarist Graham Coxon said: "I have gorged upon his Blue Monday cheese, late at night. It was good with honey all over it. That's when I discovered that it had psychedelic qualities."

Despite being surrounded by dairy products all day, Alex insists it hasn't dampened his enthusiasm for the foodstuff.

He explained to Britain's The Times newspaper: "After you've had kids, I don't think you can discover anything new about life - but the things you do know you can explore further.

"I talk to people about cheese a lot. And still there comes a point every day where I fancy a piece."

The musician - once famed for his hard partying - has been the subject of ridicule over his second career, but his bandmates are proud of his alternative profession.

Singer Damon Albarn said: "There's nothing uncool about making cheese."