News Corp has admitted that a former editor who worked for its News of the World and London Sun newspapers in the U.K. ordered a reporter in 2009 to bribe a female prison guard in order to get information about a child killer. Bloomberg News reported today (Thursday) that the editor, Matt Nixson, was subsequently fired for "gross misconduct." The disclosure was made in a court filing as part of News Corp's defense against a wrongful-dismissal by Nixson. It was not clear how the payment of £750 ($1,150) was arranged, but according to the court filing, Nixson told the reporter, Matthew Acton, to arrange it "very carefully," in order to avoid scrutiny by a "forensic new accountant who doesn't brook any funny business." He also also reportedly told actor to "chuck her some more money later." The filing also includes a copy of an email that Nixson received from an unnamed News of the World employee in which he discussed hacking the voicemail of a celebrity producer. The names of the employee and the producer were redacted from the filing at the request of Scotland Yard, News Corp said.