The 21st Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony held in New York City last night (13MAR06) was marred by the ongoing feud between past and present members of Blondie, and the Sex Pistols' refusal to attend. Former Blondie members Nigel Harrison and Frank Infante unsuccessfully sued Deborah Harry, Chris Stein and Clem Burke in 1999 when they were excluded from the band's reunion tour. Former bassist Gary Valentine is also no longer a performing member of Blondie after a similar legal dispute. But guitarist Infante was desperate to take to the stage with his former friends to perform HEART OF GLASS RAPTURE and CALL ON ME. When accepting his award from Garbage rocker Shirley Manson, Infante pleaded, "Debbie, are we allowed?" She replied, "Can't you see my band is up there?" Infante, Valentine and Harrison had no choice but to leave the stage, leaving Burke, Harry and Stein to perform with more recent members. Meanwhile, punk legends the Sex Pistols refused to collect their award, and sent a profanity-laden letter in their place, which compared the Hall Of Fame to "urine in wine". Rolling Stone magazine founder Jan Wenner read out the correspondence in full, before urging John Lydon and his bandmates to collect their awards at a later date. He said, "If they want to smash them into bits, they can do that too." Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Miles Davis were also inducted into the Hall Of Fame, while Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss were given a lifetime achievement award in recognition of A+M Records, which they co-founded.