Bloc Party insist they are not splitting, despite going on an indefinite hiatus.

The 'Two More Years' band played their last scheduled show headlining Latitude Festival in England this weekend, but are adamant they will return.

Bassist Gordon Moakes told ''There's no end point with this band. Ultimately we just love to make music - any excuse to do that is what sustains the band.

''I don't think any of us can really predict the future but we feel like we're more or less firing on all cylinders.

''It's been a long journey to get here. To see people are still with us ... There's still a crowd who want to see us play. It's a nice feeling, to go out after a year of touring.''

Bloc Party also includes singer Kele Okereke,

guitarist Russell Lissack and drummer Matt Tong, although the latter has been conspicuously absent from recent shows, replaced by Sarah Jones from Hot Chip. Not reason has been given for Matt not appearing with the group.

Although they are going on hiatus, Bloc Party will release an EP, 'Nextwave Sessions', in August, containing five new tracks.

Kele has previously hinted at tensions within the band which could have contributed to their decision to go on hiatus.

He said: ''There have been some things going on behind the stages, and now we're working our way through it ... Being in this band isn't always the easiest thing.

''We're four British young men that maybe aren't the best at expressing ourselves or our emotions.''