More intensity

The poppy side of Blink-182 is great. In fact, it's probably some of the best pop from a rock band around. With that said, something about the Blink songs with a different kind of urgency leave us with a different kind of happiness in our ears. The self-titled record had a lot of it - stuff like 'Easy Target,' 'Go,' and 'Stockholm Syndrome' (one of the best tracks in their whole discography). They tried something similar on Neighborhoods with ‘Heart’s All Gone,’ and it just didn’t have the same impact - but we know that they still got it in’em.

Blink 182What else do we want from Blink 182's new album? Read on! [Getty/Ethan Miller]

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A lot more guest features

In Blink-182's illustrious career, the guys have pretty much tried everything - except really add some variety to who's being heard on the record. I know, I know. Who else would you even want other than Tom and Mark? I’m not saying whoever they enlist has to take over the song, but when the band gave it a go with Yelawolf on Dogs Eating Dogs, it ended up being pretty cool. Hip-hop artist Yelawolf, who happens to be friends with Barker, provided a verse on the track, ‘Pretty Little Girl,’ and although unconventional, it did a good job shaking things up a bit. If Blink-182 can implement some guest features in line with what Yelawolf brought to the table, we might be looking at some of the best Blink music to date.