Blake Lively is not concerned about ageing.

The 27-year-old actress - who is married to 'The Proposal' hunk Ryan Reynolds - won't conform to pressure to try and stay looking youthful because she doesn't want to get ''trapped'' in a battle she can't win.

Blake feels much more secure in herself since she became a mother to her daughter James, who was born in December.

The 'Green Lantern' star told the new issue of Allure magazine: ''Having a child makes you realise that we pass on for a reason. You think, 'I have to go, because it makes room for you.'

''People are obsessed with beauty and youth and with looking and feeling young forever. But look at a woman who is granted that; she's trapped, because it's tragic to be young forever.''

Blake - who portrays Adaline Bowman, a woman who remains 29 years old for nearly eight decades, in new film 'The 'Age of Adaline' - says the birth of her daughter has changed all of her priorities and gave her a new perspective on life.

Speaking about James' impact on her life, she said: ''I feel like I've figured out the most important thing to me. And everything supports that.''