Blake Fielder-Civil ''won't take any responsibility for Amy [Winehouse] passing away''.

The 33-year-old former drug addict was married to the 'Valerie' singer between 2007 and 2009 and has widely been blamed for her demise and ultimate death in 2011, but refuses to accept he ''ruined'' her, arguing she wasn't ''well-adjusted'' to begin with.

He said: ''I feel like my own legacy as far as Amy goes is that I ruined this amazing person. If I genuinely believed [I ruined her] I probably would really struggle getting through day to day. I don't think I ruined her, no. I think we found each other and certain people need to realise that she did have other addictions before she met me. She wasn't a happy, well-adjusted young woman, you know, and I find it disrespectful to imply I was some Machiavellian puppet master.''

Blake - who now lives in Leeds - continued to say he wants ''forgiveness'' from Amy's father Mitch, who blames him for her death, but rejects the suggestion her passing was his fault.

He explained to The Times magazine: ''I'd like to speak to Mitch and genuinely, genuinely plea for his forgiveness [for any] parts I've played in what has occurred, but I won't take responsibility for Amy passing away because it's not fair. It's not fair ... I've never really been allowed to grieve or mourn.

''I'm not going to sit here and work out how to come across nice and contrite and apologetic, because it's got to the stage now where I don't care what people think.''

''If Amy were around now, she would still have the same issues. It's what made her who she was, what made her so funny, or brittle, or pithy, or warm - all those good and bad things about her. It was who she was.''