Actor Blair Underwood was dealt a huge embarrassment during a shower scene with Heather Locklear on their new show LAX - by unintentionally exposing his private parts to the crew.

The former LA LAW star was given a prop to keep his dignity intact as he filmed the scene, but little did he realise that it failed him until he'd already exposed himself to everyone on-set.

He says, "We had a scene where the plane was quarantined... and we're in this big decontamination unit...

"I was naked in the shot... The shot is from behind and Heather's kind of on the other side, (showing her) silhouette. I'm dry. I'm naked (and I've) got a sock (over my penis) with double-stick tape.

"Everything's fine when you're dry. What happens often on a show is the director will change the shot and he says, 'Now I want you to go into the shower and walk back and forth.' So I'm thinking,' Fine, I got a false sense of security, I got my rather large sock on!'

"I go in the shower, coming back and forth, back and forth, minding my own business, not realising that the sock had slipped off I'm just bouncing...! One of life's most embarrassing moments."

27/09/2004 02:59