'Dirty Sexy Money' star Blair Underwood has received unfavourable backlash from African-American fans, after he appeared as the black lover of a white character in 'Sex And The City'. Despite being the first African-American actor to join the cast of the predominantly white series, some of Underwood's fans did not respond with approval to the character of Dr. Robert Leeds; boyfriend to Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon).

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However, Underwood claimed that the outspoken fans reviewed their position on the character after learning that Underwood has a black wife - Desiree DaCosta - and has been for 13 years. He explained his understanding of the events, by saying: "In terms of the black female audience, usually in your body of work if you've proven that you love your sisters (black women) and will come back home, they will give you a pass when you jump ship. I hear it all the time. I heard, 'We'll get you a pass because we know you're married to a black woman.'"