Blade Runner star Morgan Paull has died, aged 67.
The veteran actor passed away on Tuesday (17Jul12). Details of his death have not been released, but Paull was diagnosed with stomach cancer earlier this year (12).
The actor, who also appeared in film classics Patton and Norma Rae, played Holden in Ridley Scott's sci-fi hit and became the director's sidekick on set after suggesting he hire Daryl Hannah to play replicant Pris in the film and fire Sean Young.
Scott agreed with Paull on the former and famously ignored him on the Young advice, casting the actress as Harrison Ford's love interest in the movie.
Paull became a serious theatre actor first on Broadway and then in California, where he was spotted by Franklin J. Schaffner and cast in his 1970 epic Patton, alongside George C. Scott.
Paull was with the movie great in Spain, where the film was shot, when Scott allegedly claimed the eye of a drunk American tourist in a bar brawl.
Paull also appeared in Fools' Parade and John Wayne movie Cahill U.S. Marshal.
He also enjoyed success on TV with roles in Gunsmoke, The Waltons, MCCloud and Ironside, and he was a long-time union official in Hollywood, serving on the Screen Actors Guild board of directors and co-founding Actors Working for an Actors' Guild with close friend Charlton Heston.
He also made his mark in Hollywood as a talent agent.