Review of Asleep at the wheel EP by Blackcar

Black Car – “ Asleep at the wheel” EP

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Black Car – “ Asleep at the wheel” EP
Black Car

Asleep at the wheel EP

Released 09/06/2003

on Altered States.

The genuine Black Car was assembled from the spark of inspiration produced by front man Dan Glendinning, who wrote the songs for this EP at his East London home for personal satisfaction, while Avril Lavigne was selecting which hardware store to advertise on her t-shirt . It was only at the behest of his friends that he decided to bolster the sound from his solo acoustic approach and go electric, with help from his friends.

Black Car – “ Asleep at the wheel” EP   @

Asleep at the wheel is a slow building number about losing touch and loneliness:

“ I just want you to come around some day,

cos I still want you to drive us away “

Think Elbow meet the Stereophonics with heavier drum beats as the song builds up into a lively toe tapping track. The second track on this promising debut is a catchy pop song that the likes of Feeder would be proud of, containing the sincere vocals of Dan giving heartfelt meaning to the track:

“When the soul crashes down, I don’t wanna ever be found”

The mournful poetic nature of some of the lyrics adds a hint of grunge to the EP, giving it refreshing diversity. ‘Road Trip’ opens with a piano introduction and has an Aqualung feel to the song. It is easy to get the impression that great effort has been put into the compilation of this EP, to ensure that it does not contain just one good song. They are all interesting songs in their own right.