Review of Blackbud Album by Blackbud

Review of Blackbud's self-titled album.

Blackbud Blackbud Album

Showing their not ones to rush into a release, Blackbud's follow up to 'From The Sky' comes some three years after their debut hit the shelves. The trio have had support from notable industry figures such as Zane Lowe, Jimmy Page and Michael Eavis, with the latter having them play this year's Glastonbury Festival.

This self-titled record begins in impressive fashion with dynamic changes characterising 'Left Your Arms Empty' which evolves from a smooth acoustic rhythm and stomping rhythm to a ramped up distortion-heavy outro. It is followed by the ballad 'You Can Run', which benefits from an absence of genre clichés in favour of a gorgeous arrangement and Joe Taylor's vocal delivery which isn't dissimilar to Damian Rice. Adding to the palette is 'Love Comes So Easy', which injects funk and has a thrilling guitar solo, but the middle section of 'Blackbud' suffers from mediocrity (and in the case of 'Road To Nowhere' an unnecessary impression of Thom Yorke warbling). The mood soon picks up again though, with a strutting 'Came Down Easy', while 'Outside Looking In' is an album highlight that captures a mood of solitude before launching into a musical splurge that Muse would look kindly on. The band are obviously very accomplished musicians - bass solos even come in on 'I'll Be Here' - and when they let themselves loose they make some cracking tunes.

Alex Lai

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