Black Sabbath starved while performing gigs abroad.

The reunited rock band - consisting of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward - would often go without eating while touring the world when they first started out because they didn't know how to order food in other languages.

Geezer reminisced: ''It was f***king horrible. We were literally starving. Sometimes I'd cry because I'd be so hungry. But we couldn't get any gigs in England. We got a gig in Carlisle and a few in Birmingham but nobody else would book us, so the one place that we could get a residency was the Star-Club [in Hamburg, Germany].

''You couldn't afford the petrol to go for just one gig so you had to stay there for two or three weeks. We used to push the van across Europe most of the time.''

As well as being unfamiliar with the local cuisine, the rockers stayed in questionable accommodation during their time in Hamburg - a ''burnt out'' strip club.

Geezer recalled to Mojo magazine: ''It was an old strip club, but they'd had a fire so all the floors were burnt out. I think we were on the fourth floor and you could see right down to the basement where all the flames had been. They'd just put the beds around the hole. If you got up at night, you could easily have fallen down that f**king hole and died.''