The Black Keys put their success down to The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

The two-piece garage band made up of Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach - who released their eighth studio album 'True Blue' on Monday (12.05.14) - credit the bands for inspiring them to make great music.

Patrick, 34 told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I've always been fascinated by making a record that you want to live inside of. 'Led Zeppelin II' is a record like that, that I can really get lost in, because they're almost not songs, they're just riffs and beats and space and vocal parts. The way they utilised the form of a song always fascinated me.''

The Grammy-award winning duo's progression from the blues rock sound of their first album 'The Big Come Up' to psychedelic rock in 'True Blue' was also inspired by the variation in The Beatles' eleventh studio album 'Abbey Road' and the pair are hoping to emulate their success in the future.

Patrick said: ''We are huge fans of The Beatles, they're our favourite band. You go listen to the first record, 'I Want To Hold Your Hand', and then you hear the B-Side of Abbey Road, you can hear it's the same voices but everything's changed. That's the benchmark of success to me, and one day, hopefully, Dan and I can make a record that is somewhere on that scale.

''We haven't yet, and I don't think we ever will, but just knowing that exists, that you can go see this band in eight years go from point A to point Z is a reminder of why I want to make music.''