The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney fears the band has wrecked its chances of making a small fortune from Tv commercials after winning a series of successful lawsuits over copycat ad tunes.

The rocker claims the duo has been "blacklisted" for taking on marketing companies for ripping off their songs.

He says, "We sued, like, three companies, and their ad agencies, and their jingle houses, for doing sound-alikes. And basically have been blacklisted for it.

"There was this one song that sounded exactly like our song Howlin' For You. I started getting these messages on my Twitter account, like, 'You sell-out piece of s**t, you put this song in this f**king ad!' We weren't going to do anything but it kept getting worse.

"Another ad came out that sounded like Gold on the Ceiling, and then another came out that sounded like Lonely Boy.

"We basically sued, like, two or three of the biggest ad agencies. And we are now c**kblocked."