The Black Keys taught Noel Gallagher a new way of working.

The former Oasis rocker features on the duo's new LP 'Ohio Players' and though the studio process with him was "seamless", the pair were amazed to find it was all new to the 'Live Forever' hitmaker because he doesn't usually write with other people.

Drummer Patrick Carney told the Daily Star Sunday's Wired column: "We got on really well creatively. It was seamless working with him.

"Noel said, 'I've never written with other people in the studio' so we popped his cherry in that regard.

"That was surprising to me that he hadn't done that - it's pretty much how we make most of our music.

"Noel would usually write the chords and the lyrics himself then bring it to the band and do it like that. I always make it up on the spot."

And while their collaboration 'On the Game' features on the album, there may be more to come from Noel and the Black Keys.

Patrick said: "We got a song on the first day and we got a song on the second day and we got a song on the third day - a whole take.

"On the fourth day, we went into the studio and just kind of [messed] around - we didn't want to push it.

"We already had so much great [stuff], if we ended with a bad song it was just going to ruin the experience."

The 'Gold on the Ceiling' hitmakers had been warned they were unlikely to get Noel on board but it took him just a few days to agree.

Patrick said: "We kept hearing, 'Noel doesn't collaborate like that'.

"But my neighbour was the Oasis booking agent for about 15 years. I was going golfing with him one day and I said, 'We're trying to reach Noel'. He said, 'I could drop him a line.'

"A couple of days later, we heard back from Noel that he'd give it a try if we came to London."