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Shaun Ryder Claims Fans Try To Sell Him Drugs

Shaun Ryder has claimed fans try to sell him drugs all the time.The 57-year-old Happy Mondays and Black Grape star hasn't touched alcohol or drugs for more than a decade, but that hasn't stopped people...

Shaun Ryder Cycled To Sobriety

Shaun Ryder quit drugs by going cycling.The Black Grape and Happy Mondays frontman has previously spoken about his use of heroin and ecstacy and says it took mammoth 15-hour bike rides to curb his cravings...

Shaun Ryder Recording Secret Solo Album

The singer reformed his two ex-bands, Happy Mondays and Black Grape, for comeback tours of the U.K. earlier this year (15), following an announcement in 2012 that Happy Mondays were working on new...

Black Grape Plot Summer Reunion Tour

Ryder and his Black Grape bandmate Kermit hit the stage at the Old Granada Studios in Manchester, England earlier this month (Apr15) to support singer/dancer Bez's The Reality Party political campaign and celebrate...

Black Grape Reform For Singer/dancer Bez's Election Campaign

Fans flocked to the Old Granada Studios in Manchester, England to support the singer/dancer's All Star Reality Party election campaign and check out his former band, fronted by Shaun Ryder. The group...

Happy Mondays Star Shaun Ryder Needs Testosterone Injections To Stay Alive

The singer tells Britain's NME magazine he must receive "a testosterone injection once every three months" or he will "drop dead". Ryder explains he has to resort to extremes because he has...

Shaun Ryder's Lyrical Confusion

Shaun Ryder doesn't understand his own songs.The former Black Grape and Happy Mondays singer doesn't understand why Factory Records boss Tony Wilson has previously described him as a "great poet" because there is nothing clever...

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