The Black Eyed Peas' new album is "high intensity dance'.

'The E.N.D' - which stands for 'The Energy Never Dies' - sees the group return to the fast-paced sound which made their name.

Rapper Will.I.Am explained: "This is high intensity dance, get on the floor sound - that's the only thing left to do."

The musician added the group - whose last album 'Monkey Business' was released in 2005 - have always played around with their sound, meaning their recent change in style was only to be expected.

He said: "We've always experimented with different songs. We had a song called 'Joints and Jam' in 1998 and that remix was very house-inspired. This record is just more focussed, it's like 'ugh', and the knob is at 200 instead of 75/50 - the way it used to be."

The group's latest single 'Boom Boom Pow' has reached number one in singles charts across the globe, including in the UK and America.