Blac Chyna has vowed to drop new music ''soon''.

The 32-year-old model has reassured fans she will be releasing her new single, 'Seen Her', in the very near future, after dropping a teaser to her new song last month.

She wrote on Instagram: ''Music dropping soon ... link in bio (sic)''

The link takes fans to a number of the star's business ventures, from which they can access a teaser of 'Seen Her' on her YouTube channel.

Chyna released her debut single 'Deserve', which featured Yo Gotti and Jeremih, in November 2018.

The star previously admitted she faced a choice between getting into music or acting.

Speaking in 2017, Chyna said: ''What even made me start to think about this venture is like, 'Hey, I'm already in the industry and I done kinda reached the highest of the things I was doing.

''I'm an entrepreneur, I have a shop, I have Lashed, I have 88 Fin, I done did the TV scene. I done did all that so it's like, hey, Chyna, what's your next big thing?

''I told myself it's either two ways you could go with this. You either go music or you could do acting.

''And I'm like, uh, music. Hello! I'm already around it and most of the people I already know them anyway, so, it should be really easy for me.

''I feel like if I do need help or if I need mentoring I could call my friends like French [Montana] and Nicki [Minaj] or just whoever for advice and whatnot. I feel like it's the right way to go.''