Bjork wants to make a ''3 note shaman redwine album (sic).''

The 49-year-old singer has revealed she wants to explore the changing nature of her voice by recording an LP on which she channels her access to the world of malevolent spirits, while only singing three different notes.

When asked how she feels about her voice - having previously revealed it became deeper after having vocal surgery in November 2012 - she said: ''i like how it is changing !!! it is interesting to try to document all the different periods ..... i feel some quirky ones might be coming up : my 3 note shaman redwine album (sic).''

Having recently premiered the new video for 'Black Lake', the star - who released her ninth studio album 'Vulnicura' earlier this year - also spoke about how she thinks up the ideas for her visuals, saying they form in her mind as she is writing music.

She explained: ''usually the visuals come slowly during writing and then when the music is done i can see it more from the outside and i start to move slowly emotionally away from the songs i can better see them from the outside and figure out how to dress this thing (sic).''

Although the enigmatic musician is known for her quirky music, Bjork also admitted she has a huge fondness for 'Four Five Seconds' hitmaker, Rihanna.

When asked about her opinion on the Bajan beauty during a Q&A for Dazed & Confused magazine, she said: ''i absolutely adore her (sic).''