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05 September 2013

Interview with Birdy September 2013

Interview with Birdy September 2013

Jasmine van den Bogaerde more commonly known as her stage name Birdy, rose to fame via the 2008 national, Open Mic competition, beating 10,000 competitors to win the under 18's and Grand Prize category. Her debut album was released in November 2011 and consisted mainly of covers including her successful rendition of Bon Iver's Skinny Love which topped the charts in Netherlands.

Birdy aims to expand her musical content with her new album, Fire Within (due for release the 23rd September) consisting of original content wrote and co-wrote by Birdy who has recently collaborated with Ben from Mumford and Sons which will be featured on Fire Within.

Birdy talks to us about her new album, working in the studio and provides advice for any other young artists trying to break into the industry.

CM: We thought it'd be quite nice to start our interview with some 'quick fire' questions:

Tea or Coffee?  
Birdy: Tea 

CM: Name one of your phobias?  
Birdy: Sharks

CM: What's your favourite cartoon whilst you were growing up? 
Birdy: Tom & Jerry 

CM: The last album you bought? 
Birdy: Jake Bugg 

CM: Who is the biggest celebrity you know (or have met)?   
Birdy: George Clooney

CM: What's your favourite 90's film? 
Birdy: Dirty Dancing 

CM: What's your favourite Book?   
Birdy: A thousand Splendid Suns 

CM: What are your pet hates?  
Birdy: Snoring or heavy breathing 

CM: Where's your favourite place in the entire world?  
Birdy: My Home 

CM: Are you a morning or night person?  
Birdy: Night 

CM: We imagine you've been pretty busy recently, but did you do you're a-levels? If so are you happy with your results!?  
Birdy: I did my GCSE exams and they went pretty well.  I am now taking some time out from A-levels to concentrate on recording and promoting my new album.

CM: Your new album Fire Within is released on 23rd September; tell us a little about it?
Birdy: It's an album of all original songs which are very personal to me; some of the songs have quite a different sound to the first Album.  My songs have been inspired by all the different places I've been over the last year or so.

CM: You released your debut album in 2011, but that was an album of covers, does it almost feel like you have to start from the beginning again?
Birdy: A little bit, it's scary because it's all my own songs, but I'm also excited for people to hear them.

CM: How have you found the writing process on Fire Within?  
Birdy: I've started writing many songs while I was away on tour so they have a new feel, on some songs I collaborated with different artists / writers which has inspired new colour.

CM: You worked with a whole host of different people on the album but one of them was Ben from Mumford & Sons, which tracks did you do with him and tell us a little about it/them.
Birdy: I wrote a song called "No Angel" with Ben Lovett which is on the Album.  It's a stripped back, just piano and vocal; it's a bit more like the first album.

CM: What's your favourite memory from being in the studio?
Birdy: Recording "All About You" with all the musicians being recorded, playing together in one room, it's a really wonderful and fun atmosphere. 

CM: Which is your current favourite song on the album to sing?
Birdy: "Light Me Up" it's a very different feel to most of the songs on the album, but it's so upbeat and fun! 

CM: What's the most important piece of advice (musically) you have been given?
Birdy: Always be open to new ideas 

CM: All the way back in 2008 what encouraged you to enter that Open Mic competition that gained you your initial acknowledgment?
Birdy: I wanted to play some of my own songs that I'd written to a crowd and see if it was any good.  I realised how much I enjoyed performing as well as writing and playing.

CM: You've performed on plenty of TV shows in the past, but other than a few gigs you haven't really toured alone, are you looking forward to these new gigs you have coming up?
Birdy: I have toured a fair amount, a small tour in Europe in 2012 and a few shows in the USA, and a bigger tour in Australia in 2013 with 3 nights at the Sydney opera house.  It's going to be really exciting to be playing my own songs when I'm touring now. 

CM: If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be?
Birdy: ... Tracy Chapman 

CM: What advice would you give to a young person interested in a musical career?
Birdy: Find your own style and stay close to people you love. 

CM: Thanks for speaking with us. We wish you the best of luck with your album release! 

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