Review of River Below Single by Billy Talent

Billy Talent

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Billy Talent - River Below - Single Review

Billy Talent

River Below

Atlantic records - 5/7/2004

Toronto outfit Billy Talent release third single "River Below," and at first their story is enough to make one despair. Yes, the members met at high school (Hello Busted) and formed a band playing the school talent show circuit. Surely not more songs about fancying your best mates mum. However, every band deserves a chance, and thankfully it gets better, a band drawn together by chemistry and wanting to make something of their music which would inspire listeners, increases the hope.

Billy Talent - River Below - Single Review

You then read that they are a young emo-core band and the built up hope begins to drain away, as horrors of third base stories come flooding back. There are thankfully no hints of slipping notes under the desk here, quite the opposite, as cutting lyrics metaphor style hit out at violence and terrorism.

Backed with heavy riffs, stand out bass lines, and vocals that pack a punch, the band are ready to show they mean what they say. Younger rock music fans need not despair, Billy Talent still offer the chance to bounce around with anthem like choruses and powerful ideas to those interested, the band have a spirit that can appeal to all ages.

It’s not all woes either, and the band certainly are not full of self pity, as singer-songwriter Benjamin derives his ideas from others experiences and feelings, with a strong message to deliver to any listener. Benjamin Kowalewicz’s (Vocals) Ian D’Sa’s (Guitars) John Gallant’s (Bass) and drummer Aaron Solowoniuk’s quest for creativity was justified after all.

Busted beware.

Katherine Tomlinson