Review of Billy Talent III Album by Billy Talent

Review of Billy Talent's album III

Billy Talent Billy Talent III Album

I have always liked Billy Talent- their first album was a revelation for me, and this new one is a focused and driven effort. First track Devil On My Shoulder reminds me a lot of the jazzy Beachballs stuff their first album benefited from, but then it jumps into a southern rock style, seen especially on the modern day Sum 41 sounding Rusted From The Rain, and this doesn't really let up, with a few punkier numbers in, highlighted by Anti-Flag's appearance on Turn Your Back, a great track with plenty of hooks.

Thing is though, with Billy Talent, I haven't been able to listen to a whole album of theirs all the way through since the first one as lead singer Kowalewicz's voice is more than a little grating and without truly fantastic songs, it's a tough listen, especially back-to-back. The band's star has waned a little in recent years and they aren't the MTV2 staple they used to be, and I can't see this album selling amazingly unless single Rusted From The Rain really takes off. I can't really see that happening either, as it doesn't have the power of tracks that shot them to fame in the UK like River Below or Try Honesty.

However, this is a solid third album that should garner them some more much-deserved recognition, but it's unlikely to pull them in any new fans.

Conrad Hughes

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