Miley Cyrus might be in the news practically every day, but this time it’s the unfortunate announcement of her parents’ divorce that’s making waves. This time it’s Tish Cyrus, who decided to move forward with the divorce, three years after Billy Ray filed the papers and then withdrew them, presumably in a bid to save the marriage. Noone from the Cyrus clan has released any information and Tish is urging the press to respect the family’s privacy at this time.

"This is a personal matter and we are working to find a resolution that is in the best interest of our family. We ask that you respect our privacy at this time," she tells PEOPLE in a statement.

Billy Ray has reportedly issued a near-identical statement, urging for sensitivity on the matter. This probably means news outlets should hold off on the "achy breaky heart" puns. A big part of the divorce proceedings is shaping up to be the custody battle over the Cyruses’ youngest child, 13-year-old Noah, who, as a minor, still requires a guardian. Tish is reportedly seeking full custody over the teenager, affording visitation rights to the father. In addition, she also wants spousal support and full coverage of her legal fees by Billy Ray - essentially the standard arrangement in such cases. No word from Miley on the whole story yet.

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Unfortunately, it looks like turmoil ahead for this family.