Billy Ray Cyrus is ''real proud'' of his daughter Miley Cyrus.

The 'Achy Breaky Heart' hitmaker has heaped praise on his ''special'' daughter as he gushed about her ''great heart''.

He told Us Weekly: ''She's a giver. She believes that we're all put here for a reason, and that's to give back to our fellow man. I'm real proud of her. That's why we named her Destiny Hope. Destiny Hope Cyrus is her name - at least it used to be. But no matter what you call her, she still is Destiny Hope. She is a ray of sunshine. She is a special human being. She's got a great heart.''

Meanwhile, Miley previously confessed she can't wait to hug her parents once the coronavirus lockdown ends.

The singer said: ''The first thing I want to do is definitely hug my mom and dad when I get the green light that it's safe. Right now, my mom won't get anywhere near me.''

Miley - who is practicing social distancing at home with her boyfriend Cody Simpson - has been keeping in touch with her famous family virtually amid the pandemic, and says she speaks to her mum all day but she is trying to introduce her dad to FaceTime.

She added: ''My mum and I pretty much FaceTime from the minute I'm awake until I'm asleep. I love that she has nothing to do; so she has to just sit with me every moment, which is like the good old days ... My dad had two BlackBerrys: He said two BlackBerrys equal an iPhone, which is not true. So we mailed my dad an iPhone that was already set up that only has one button, which is FaceTime, on the home screen.''