Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley's daughter ALEXA RAY JOEL has spoken out after passing out backstage before a concert at Marist College in New York last Saturday night (09SEP06). Writing on her blog site, the singer admits the stress of her touring schedule and her mother's very public marriage problems left her anxious throughout the day before the show. And it all came to a head five minutes before she was due to hit the stage at the college with her quartet. She writes, "I pretty much exhausted myself to the point that I couldn't do the show... I ended up fainting from stress, lack of sleep, and just overall exhaustion. "I woke up to find myself in an ambulance rushing me to a local hospital near the campus, and it was - overall - a pretty scary night... This has never happened before. "I guess I was really pushing myself to the limit this week. I was having quite a bit of anxiety in general that day, so I guess this was just my body's way of telling me to RELAX... something I haven't done in a while!" Joel hopes to reschedule the show later this year.