'New York State Of Mind' singer, Billy Joel, has confessed to an embarrassing suicide attempt in his early 20s, when he tried to poison himself. His failure came when he made the decision to drink furniture polish instead of bleach as it would "probably taste better". The failed suicide attempt luckily came after his band's first album failed, and his romance ended.

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After Atilla's first album flopped, Joel apparently raided the cupboards in his mother's house in a desperate bid to find poison. Joel confessed to 'Details' magazine that: "I was suicidal.... I just figured the world didn't need another failed musician. You take yourself so seriously - you've got your head so far up your ass you can't see straight."

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He continued to explain how the attempt luckily went wrong, by saying: "I was just lookin' for poison. I looked in my mother's closet and there was bleach, and it had the skull and crossbones, and then there was furniture polish. At the time I thought, `Well, the furniture polish will probably taste better than the bleach, so I'll drink the furniture polish.' All I ended up doing was farting furniture polish for a couple of days and polishing my mother's chairs."