Billy Joel built his rocking pal Bruce Springsteen a new motorbike after The Boss fell in love with the Piano Man's one-of-a-kind Kawasaki.

Joel recalls Springsteen visiting his garage in the middle of winter some years ago and taking his "Sacred Cow" for a ride.

In an excerpt from Tom Cotter's new book Rockin' Garages, Joel says, "Bruce is always looking for a character bike. He has one of the new Triumph Bonnevilles, which is a great bike. I told him about our shop, so he came down in the middle of winter. It’s freezing - minus five degrees - and he wants to take out my Sacred Cow bobber.

"I said, 'Are you crazy? It’s so cold...' and he had no gear, just a helmet. After a ride, he came back and said, 'I want you to build me that bike.' So he gave us the specs... It started out as a Kawasaki W650."

Cotter's new book also features information about and pictures of the bike and car collections of stars like Keith Urban, Sammy Hagar, AC DC frontman Brian Johnson and Pink Floyd star Nick Mason.