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See the hilarious Billy Joel comedy short "PIANO MAN trailer", 2min.17sec., ratedTVPG, directed by Ryan London, written by Jared Larson, on YouTube's TaupeFrostPrductions channel!

Posted 12 years 8 months ago by Jared_Larson

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Wade Preston is a singer, pianist, and composer who performs regularly with the Movin' Out Band, members of the Billy Joel Band and as a solo artist. He most recently starred in the Broadway Musical Movin’ Out, as well as guest starred on both national tours. This is the Movin' Out Band at the Richard Rogers Theatre on Broadway, with Wade as the Piano Man. With roots in classical, boogie, barrel house and New Orleans second-line style piano playing, Wade mixes Billy Joel / Elton John vocal styles with Ray Charles passion. His keyboard abilities are reminiscent of Keith Emerson precision mixed with the joyous abandon of Jerry Lee Lewis. In June and July of 2008 Wade had the honor of doing the rehearsals and sound checks for Billy Joel in both Hershey, PA and Shea Stadium, essentially being the "stunt Billy." "Thanks for doing this. You're making my life very easy," Mr. Joel said to Preston at a recent rehearsal. "That's the idea." Wade replied.Tickets are $15 dollars in advance $20 dollars at the door. There is a 2 drink minimum person inside the show. Call 212-977-3884*All tickets include free admission to our Dueling Piano Bar Show immediatetly after the show!!!

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Billy Joel Vinyl Collectors! I have a super rare item for sale! Billy Joel's 1977 Lp - The Stranger . White Label Promo + Time strip on the lp sleeve. Serious offers only : [email protected]

Posted 13 years 6 months ago by Rnld

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I was so mad that I couldn't go to the show at Gillete but thanks to Boston Music Spotlight's great review I felt like I was there! Sounds like it was a night of sing-alongs. If you missed the show you should definitely check out the review

Posted 13 years 8 months ago by waxenchalk

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Billy Joel didn't say the quote on the top of the page. Elton John did.

Posted 16 years 1 month ago by banananna445

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Just wanted to say saw Billy at Southampton Rose Bowl 14/7/06, haven't seen him since 1990 and I think he's better than ever. I'm still hearing the music ! ! ! It's also great that he has a new CD out - the only gripe is it would be great to have a new song. After the concert last week he's still got the talent. The age range at the concert was wide (as young as 14 to people well into 60's). Great Great Great - long may he go on.

Posted 16 years 8 months ago by Tracy

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I went to see Billy Joel twice at Wembley. Monday night was awesome but Wednesday night was incredible. I was leaning on the stage and I had a fantastic time. He is incredible, the music is amazing and it still gives me a rush when I think about the concerts - I hope its not the last time we will see him in England! Thanks for coming back.

Posted 16 years 8 months ago by magnusdanvers

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i went to see billy joel in las vegas on 8th april its was best concert i have ever been to hes an amazing talented singer and songwriter whos every song tells a story. Billy entertained us all n performed in front a crowd who were well pleased to c him. im also going to see him in july which i cant wait for. billy joel in my family has come down to us in generations and will b for many generations he'll always stay a part of our family!!!!billy its best concert ever we hope ull do many many more u r the entertainer!!!!lots love emilyxxxxxx

Posted 16 years 11 months ago by Emilym

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I first saw big bill in 84 on his innocent man tour. Superb perofrmance at the wembley arena and a SUPERB SINGER SONGWRITER, unrivalled by the likes of sprinstein et all. He still owes all of the fans in england another tour. But we'll forgive him if he decides to hang up his piano.Good Luck in your marriage Billy, you deserve happiness.God bless matePete

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by pete592407

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Paul McCartney is great in his own way, but without Lennon's input most of Paul's lyrics are very bubble gummish. John and the Beatles, mostly John, changed a generation. So that new age music is where its at today, which leaves alot to be desired. People can say what they want. People can listen to the type of music they want and that's okay. Music is not the same, will not have the same meaning, structure, or melodies that John Lennon, the writers for Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis those days are gone and it is now all junk. That is what makes the world go round and we all have our opinions.Take CareQuigley18

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by quigley18

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billy is great but he is no John Lennon,and never will be......

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by quigley18

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