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25th January 2016

Fact: ZZ Top star Billy Gibbons is showing off his painting skills in the booklet accompanying his new solo album Perfectamundo - it features several of the rocker's watercolours.

19th March 2012

Fact: ZZ Top star Billy Gibbons has created his own sauce line, called Bfg. The spicy range is said to be in "extremely limited quantities" and contains a range of flavours from "fire-inducing" to "sweet, tangy, spicy, and smokey". The guitarist, whose initials are Bfg, premiered his product at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas at the weekend (16Mar12).

4th December 2011

Quote: "Start with five dashes of my Bfg pepper sauce, followed by three ounces of tomato juice, one raw egg, one cube of ice, a shake of black pepper, and a big, tall straw." ZZ Top star Billy Gibbons on his favourite hangover cure.

27th October 2011

Quote: "We're very fortunate that it all came together as easily as it did... Everybody jumped in very quickly and wanted to be a part of it. The song selections were a smooth process. I was prepared for trouble, with 12 bands all wanting to play La Grange. But everybody had their own favourite ZZ Top song they wanted to do. There was no fighting over who was going to do what." Billy Gibbons was surprised how easy it was to put together new ZZ Top tribute album ZZ Top: A Tribute From Friends.

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