For the release of the highly anticipated Monsters University (the prequel to Monsters, Inc) Pixar have pulled out all the stops and released not one but four teaser trailers. They all contain similar elements but with different detail. In each of the four previews, Mike can be seen muttering in his sleep (he mutters something different in each one).

Apparently, Billy Crystal, who plays the role of Mike, is behind the decision to create four trailers for the movie. The film's director, Dan Scanlon, told The Telegraph "Billy Crystal's an amazing comedic actor. He gave us so much fun material, we decided to cut four slightly different versions of the trailer. We are so happy to have him back as Mike." In the trailer, Sully plays a prank on Mike, as we see the two friendly monsters in their college days. After gleefully squeezing a bottle of glue over a sleeping Mike, and sticking glitter to his body, Mike emerges looking like a glitter ball, clearly displeased with Sully's prank. The trailer ends with the phrase "Enrolling 2013," signifying the release date for the movie. Pixar are obviously starting early on promotion for the film, which will land in cinemas a hefty 12 years after the release of Monsters, Inc.

In the meantime before the release of Monsters University, Pixar will be looking forward to this next weekend, when they release 'Brave.' Their latest animated tale is expected to topple its cartoon rival 'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted from the top of the box office chart'.