The When Harry Met Sally star's garden fish pond has become a mecca for raccoons and coyotes desperate for water.

Crystal says, "They don't care about us and they just look at us, like, 'What are you gonna do, come out? I'm a coyote... I'll bite you in the a**. I had fish last night, I'd rather eat you'."

But it was a smelly skunk that really hammered home the funnyman's unwelcome visitors problem when he returned from a devastating Los Angeles Clippers play-off loss on Tuesday night (28Apr15).

He explains, "We're just exhausted from this game and feeling lousy... and apparently the skunk sprayed into the air conditioning unit behind the house and three o'clock in the morning, we wake up with this stink in the bedroom.

"We had a guy come... He showed us pictures, he caught these raccoons - we had, like, nine raccoons - and he trapped them and he releases them in the wilds of Malibu!"