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9th September 2016

Fact: Actor Billy Crudup is set for a return to the world of comic books after signing on to play Barry Allen's father in upcoming movie The Flash. The star previously played Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen.

8th October 2014

Quote: "There was a period time when it was only serial killers. I think I got David Koresh... and Ted Bundy and Jim Jones... I was offered Charles Manson a couple of times, but my favourite was... I picked up the phone one time and it was my agent and the conversation went, 'Hey. Hitler?'" Watchmen star Billy Crudup went through a period when the only roles he was offered were villains.

17th March 2014

Quote: "I am often cast in more sensitive roles, so I was pretty stoked about playing a tough-guy cop. I brought my son to the set one day, the day I just happened to be breaking in a door so he could see that dad wasn’t always putting on makeup." Actor Billy Crudup liked playing against type in new movie Blood Ties.

14th August 2010

Quote: "I had not read the book. In fact, when I got the part eventually, I thought, 'I don't know if I want to read about my (character's) ex-wife going on this journey...' It seemed like it would be a little bittersweet so I've held off a little bit, but I'm sure I'll read it soon." Actor Billy Crudup has been putting off reading Elizabeth Gilbert's travel memoir, which his new movie EAT PRAY LOVE is based on.

28th March 2006

Quote: "Billy Crudup. That'd be fantastic. Or someone very pasty. Somebody near death." Morrissey muses who should play him in a biopic.

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