Watchmen star Billy Crudup fears his competitive streak is out of control after signing up for a recent endurance race without the proper training.

The actor admits winning and not quitting was a big thing in his house when he was growing up, and he still takes on challenges to be the best man he can be.

However, even he admits he was stupid to fly to Lake Tahoe, Nevada for an extreme fitness test.

He explains, "I try to test myself... A friend of mine recently said, 'Hey, I do this obstacle course race in Tahoe, you're gonna have to come. It's, like, 11 miles and you run around and you jump in the ice cold pools and you jump over stuff, and then they shock you at the end', and I'm thinking, like, 'Yeah, I wanna do that! That sounds great.'

"So I took, like, a 16, 18-hour commute from New York to get to Tahoe to get knocked out by electric wires at 6,000 feet."