Billy Crudup is a ''big fan'' of Naomi Watts.

The 48-year-old actor has admitted he has a huge soft spot for his 48-year-old 'Gypsy' co-star and has praised her as ''spectacularly talented'' star who boasts an ''ambitious'' career.

Speaking about the 'The Impossible' star to the Metro newspaper, he said: ''I am a big fan of Naomi Watts. I think she is spectacularly talented and she has sustained a career doing ambitious things in film for a number of years, which is really hard to do.''

And Crudup has admitted he was tempted to appear in the Netflix series when he found Watts was starring in the production because he knew it would be a ''sophisticated'' project.

He explained: ''I knew that if she [Watts] was attached, the intention was to create something sophisticated. And I figured that if I was going to be in a TV show for a season or a couple of seasons, I wanted it to at least have the ambition to be interesting, because I can get bored pretty easily.''

And Crudup has revealed his latest production gave him ''stability'' in his life.

He explained: '''Gypsy' actually created some stability in my life because we shot it in Brooklyn, near my home.''