Comedian/actor Billy Connolly has turned his back on Los Angeles and his native Scotland for life on sunny Mediterranean island Gozo. The funnyman decided to scale back and enjoy the simple life when his wife Pamela Anderson bought a yacht and set sail for the Maltese Islands. He says, "Gozo's a wee island off Malta and it's kind of agricultural, it's quiet, I sail my boat, play my banjo, read books, smoke cigars. "My wife bought a big yacht. I had three houses and she bought this (boat)... she went through a kind of mid-life, desperate cry for help thing and sailed off. "I really couldn't bear the weight of the whole exercise - the three houses and the big yacht, so I sold one of the houses." But Connolly insists he'll always keep a home in Scotland - even though he can't bear the brutal winters in his baronial house in the Grampians. He adds, "The winter's, like, a year long... You know what Scotland needs? A bit more global warming. You should share the global warming around."