Billy Connolly made an emotional return to his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland on Tuesday (03Dec13) to visit the site of a horror helicopter crash that claimed nine lives.

The Mrs. Brown actor jetted in from New York to pay his respects to customers of the city's Clutha bar who were killed when a police chopper plummeted from the sky and smashed into the venue on Friday night (29Nov13).

Arriving alone, the 71 year old laid a bouquet of flowers at the scene, along with the note, "Rest in Peace friends, Billy Connolly."

The funnyman reveals he felt compelled to make the trip as he had regularly performed at the music venue in his pre-fame days as a folk singer.

He says, "It's very sad but it means quite a lot to me. I have played in all of these pubs. The Clutha was a good music pub. They didn't mind banjo players, which makes a change.

"I had many happy times in there. Glasgow has really risen to the occasion. I have never heard so many nice things about Glasgow.

"I had to do something; I couldn't just let it pass though I have never done anything like this before. I was devastated to hear of what happened, like anyone else. It was weird seeing it happening on Tv while I was in New York.

"Everybody's talking about how well Glasgow coped. I was very, very proud to be a Glaswegian. The Clutha's got a very special place in my heart."