THE CHARLATANS' TIM BURGESS and rocker Billy Bragg have paid tribute to late The Clash musician Joe Strummer on the ninth anniversary of his death.
The rocker passed away on 22 December, 2002 at the age of 50 from an undiagnosed congenital heart defect.
To mark Strummer's death Burgess took to to remember the star, writing, "9 years since the untimely death of Joe Strummer... a true maverick & brilliant frontman."
Burgess also posted a video clip of Strummer's former band The 101ers' song Keys To Your Heart.
Bragg took to to make his own tribute, insisting Strummer's lyrics are still relevant today following the riots in London this summer (11).
He writes, "Today we remember our brother Joe Strummer, who died on this day in 2002. The music he made still resonates.
"As London burned this summer, his words came to mind 'White youth, black youth, better find another solution. Why not phone up Robin Hood and ask him for some wealth distribution?'"