Billy Bob Thornton and late pal Warren Zevon had late-night fights about who was the bigger obsessive compulsive disorder sufferer. Movie star Thornton has paid tribute to his own quirks in Always Countin', a song on his new album Beautiful Door, but he admits tragic rocker Zevon may have been even worse than him. The actor reveals, "Warren had it really bad. We used to have wars over who had it worse. "He finally won. He said to me, 'Do you have it with guns?' I said, 'No, you win.'" Explaining his late pal's gun quirk in Penthouse magazine, Thornton adds, "(He was like) 'If I don't shoot that beam right there twice before 3.30...' - that kind of thing. "My OCD is kind of odd. It has less to do with numbers, more about angles. If you told most people to walk and sit the way I do, they'd have you think about every step."