Bill Wyman was ''disappointed'' with his role in the Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary.

The group's former bassist accompanied the band on two tracks, 'Honky Tonk Women' and 'It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It)' , at their commemorative London shows last November, and while he enjoyed the brief stint, he admits he thought his return would be on a much bigger scale.

He told The Times newspaper: ''It was fun in a way...

''In December 2011 Keith Richards called and said, 'Come on mate, why don't you have a jam with us?' Then they asked if I'd be interested in getting involved in the band for special occasions.

''I thought I would get quite heavily involved, so when they said they only wanted me to do two songs I was a bit disappointed.

''I only had one rehearsal and no sound-check so I just winged it. It was great, but I didn't want to go to America for two songs. I think they understood. Well, Charlie Watts did!''

The 76-year-old rocker - who quit the group in 1996 - also admitted he used to get ''bored to death'' when on the road with the 'Brown Sugar' hitmakers.

He said: ''You have two days of flying in a plane to the town, getting off at the airport, limousines, the hotel, you've got kids on the landing so you can't leave your room, and you sit around watching TV because that's all there is to do. I used to take photos of the rooms.

''You do the gig and for two hours on stage it's fantastic, but then you go back to the hotel and you're bored to death. You come down in the morning and the whole thing happens all over again.''