The percussionist was left out of the rock group's 2012 reunion and world tour, and he recently hit headlines by starting an online feud with his former bandmate Osbourne, demanding an apology from the frontman for casting doubt on his drumming abilities.

Osbourne has so far refused to say sorry to Ward, and the drummer has now announced he is moving forward with two solo projects.

Accountable Beasts is due for release this year (15), and Ward will finish the second album, Beyond Aston, after the first hits digital retailers.

He tells music writer Joel Gausten, "We got pretty crazy on this (first) one. We just played; it was like, 'F**k everything.' I wanted to go back to a place that I really know well, and that's playing hard... It's f**king great; it's beautiful, man. I hope other people will like it. I think it's one of the best things I've participated in since (Black Sabbath's 1971 album) Master Of Reality."

Ward has released two previous solo offerings, Ward One: Along the Way in 1990 and 1997's When the Bough Breaks.