Actor Bill Pullman has developed a sweet sideline - as a honey manufacturer.
The Independence Day star has discovered he's a real sweetheart when it comes to honey production on his Montana ranch.
He tells WENN, "We make Pullman North Ranch Honey. Maybe I was meant to have a little agricultural operation."
And the actor is really proud of his 120 fruiting plants.
He adds, "The climate in California intoxicated me when I first arrived there. One time I was walking down the street in Los Angeles with another actor and he said, `Do you want an orange?' I said, `Oh, I'd love an orange.' He walked into someone's yard full of oranges and just pulled an orange from a tree and gave it to me.
"It was amazing to me that these people had their own tree but they didn't even bother to pick their own fruit. They'd rather drive in their car to a grocery store and buy fruit.
"I started to think, `Wow, I can eat an orange that's grown here!' So we started with growing oranges and now I have 120 different varieties of fruiting plants. I just went crazy with it."