Movie president Bill Pullman is trying not to think about a rumoured Independence Day sequel - because he fears he won't be a part of it.
The actor played President Thomas J. Whitmore in the 1996 blockbuster and accepts the U.S. leader would only have been able to serve in office for eight years - and so he cannot revisit the role 14 years later.
But he has heard whispers about reviving his character for director Roland Emmerich's planned follow-up.
He tells's Let's Do Lunch!, "Somebody has been sending me links to conversations Roland's been having about it and what ideas they have for it. I haven't talked to him about it but it's a complicated legal thing getting involved with creative control and it's an expensive movie.
"I don't know if it's a role I'll revisit, because, in term limits, I think we've gone beyond 12 years - but maybe there's some side of it that he's angling. He works with writers and they try to find the best idea and I've heard a couple of scenarios that would include me and some that wouldn't so I can't control it so I don't think about it."
Emmerich, the man behind The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla and new hit disaster epic 2012, tells MTV News he plans to follow up Independence Day, explaining, "One day we will do it."