On last night's (Nov 29) edition of The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly distanced himself from the masses and admitted that he is in no way a fan of Korean singer Psy's massive YouTube hit 'Gangnam Style.'

Describing the singer as "a little fat guy from Pyongyang or some place," O'Reilly invited on to the show Fox News's resident 'psychiatrist' Keith Ablow to deconstruct the show, whilst also making perfectly clear that Psy is not Elvis Presley, nor will he ever be anything life him regardless of the Korean (that's South Korea, not North Korea like O'Reilly seems to think) current success.

The two spoke on the hot topic for about five minutes, with the conservative commentator and Ablow deconstructing and disagreeing with all of the hit song. At one point, Albow made the assertion that 'Gangnam Style' appeals to the masses because it is about "nothing," and that the song was mostly "without intelligible words" (and we kind of see his point).

O'Reilly was far more concerned with making it clear that Psy is completely unlike Elvis, largely because the latter "had a good voice, his songs had words," and "he put on a show," whereas Psy has none of those qualities.