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20th April 2016

Quote: "I've retired a couple times. I just say, 'I'm retired'. It keeps a certain kind of person away from you - the kind of person that you really don't want around. The people who are really interested in you will find you eventually." Bill Murray likes to test people with his retirement announcements.

14th December 2015

Quote: "I used to think autographs were hard, but now I wish I could have autographs and these phones would go away." Actor Bill Murray is sick of posing for 'selfie' photographs with fans.

7th December 2015

Fact: Bill Murray's new Netflix Christmas special includes an all-star version of The Pogues' Fairytale of New York, featuring Murray, Jason Schwartzmann, Paul Shaffer, Maya Rudolph, Jenny Lewis and New York Dolls frontman David Johansen. A Very Murray Christmas also features a dream sequence, in which George Clooney, Miley Cyrus and a group of dancing girls join Murray and Shaffer for a few festive tunes. The Netflix special debuted on Friday (04Dec15).

3rd December 2015

Quote: "Bill, he can sing beautifully. What can't he do?" Actor Jason Schwartzman was pleasantly surprised by his frequent movie co-star Bill Murray's vocal skills as they teamed up for the veteran's new festive special, A Very Murray Christmas, which will debut on Netflix on Friday (04Dec15).

3rd December 2015

Quote: "We've worked together many times now, but the truth be told, I'm still blown away every time I see him. He's the nicest guy in the world... He's a legend to me and even when he says my name... I just (freeze and think), 'He just said my name. He remembered me!' I just think the affect he has on probably everybody is the effect (he has on me). It doesn't ever wear off." Jason Schwartzman is still starstruck around comedy legend Bill Murray, despite working with him on numerous Wes Anderson movies, including Rushmore, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Moonrise Kingdom.

24th November 2015

Fact: Bill Murray and Willem Dafoe will be the toast of the upcoming Marrakech International Film Festival in Morocco, where they will be honoured with career accolades. Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit, South Korean director Park Chan-Wook and Moroccan cinematographer Kamal Derkaoui will also be among those feted at the 2015 event, which runs from 4 to 12 December (15).

22nd October 2015

Quote: "The only role I wanted I didn't get - The Year Of Living Dangerously by Peter Weir. I wasn't a big shot. Mel Gibson lived in Australia. I'd been to Indonesia and I thought I understood that movie. When I saw it, I was like, 'Damn!' That was the only one I wanted (that) I didn't get. (Director) Peter Weir is... something else." Bill Murray on the film role that got away.

20th October 2015

Quote: "I recommend Morocco to anyone... For the cowards... it's entry level Africa and entry level Muslim world and they're the most generous, kind, normal, nice people and it's beautiful... They like Americans... It's nice place to be. I'd go back there and work anytime." Bill Murray enjoyed working on new movie Rock The Casbah in Morocco.

20th October 2015

Quote: "They're the hottest band in the world. They played my son's wedding a few weeks ago." Bill Murray booked soul covers band Chevy Chevis to perform at his Rock The Casbah premiere party in New York on Monday (19Oct15) after they impressed him at his son's wedding.

19th October 2015

Fact: Funnymen Bill Murray, Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Kimmel got serious on Sunday night (18Oct15) in New York as their baseball teams clashed at Citi Field. Murray was there to cheer on his beloved Chicago Clubs, while New York Mets fan Kimmel threw out the opening pitch and Seinfeld cheered on the home team from the stands. The Mets won 4-1 to go 2-0 up in the National League Championship Series. The winner of the best-of-seven games will go on to play either the Toronto Blue Jays or the Kansas City Royals for the 2015 World Series.

22nd September 2015

Fact: Bill Murray was not at the Emmy Awards to collect his Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie prize on Sunday (20Sep15) because he was attending his son's wedding. Luke Murray, an assistant basketball coach at Xavier University in Ohio, married Kara Cassidy over the weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

31st August 2015

Quote: "That would be great. I really like her. I mean, I only know her a little bit, but I'd love to work with her." Bill Murray on the possibility of working with Oscar winner and superfan Jennifer Lawrence. The Hunger Games actress was left starstruck after meeting her idol at San Diego's Comic-Con in July (15), when she mentioned her eagerness to work with Murray.

9th July 2015

Fact: Bill Murray stunned Comic-Con fans getting comfortable for a panel discussion to promote his new movie ROCK THE KASBAH on Thursday morning (09Jul15) by joining them in character. The Lost in Translation star ambled into the San Diego Convention Center's fabled Hall H behind his fans and hit the stage as his rock manager character Richie Lanz. It was Murray's first visit to the convention.

14th May 2015

Fact: Bill Murray will make his 44th and final appearance on pal David Letterman's penultimate The Late Show on Tuesday (19May15) as the chat show host wraps up his tenure on the programme. Murray was Letterman's first guest in 1993. The TV king will depart as the host of The Late Show on Wednesday (20May15) following a programme packed with tributes and surprises. Tom Hanks and Eddie Vedder will also appear on Letterman's finals shows next week.

20th March 2015

Fact: Actor Bill Murray showed off his legs during a bizarre interview on U.S. talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday (19Mar15) by dressing up as a cowgirl. The funnyman wore a short orange dress, a cowboy hat and matching boots and entered the stage at a venue in Austin, Texas, where Kimmel is broadcasting from the South by Southwest festival, on a horse, much to the amusement of the audience. When asked if he typically donned the feminine attire in Austin, Murray stated, "I'm usually in jeans and a T-shirt. This is just tonight because it's special."

23rd October 2014

Quote: "He's a really good kid and he really likes acting... and he's a genial presence and people behave well around him... I like seeing him. I don't like kids - kid actors can be really tough... His family's doing a very nice job with him; he's a solid kid... I would almost put a bet on it that he will not end up in jail... He might get arrested, but they won't prosecute him." Actor Bill Murray was very fond of his 11-year-old St. Vincent co-star Jaeden Lieberher.

23rd October 2014

Quote: "I have watched them (movies) every once in a while. I usually go, 'Oh, I could've done that better'. I watched What About Bob? a couple years ago and I thought, 'Hey, that's funny'. But I don't vomit or anything. I don't get sick. I can stand it." Bill Murray admits he will stop and watch his own movies if he comes across them on Tv.

23rd October 2014

Quote: "I'd get a ride to work but I rode my bike back home across Brooklyn at night. It was really fun. So I got in pretty good shape and got to see a lot of Brooklyn." Bill Murray opted to provide his own transportation home from the New York City set of his new movie St. Vincent.

23rd October 2014

Fact: Actor Bill Murray used to work at an Illinois pizza parlour alongside top chef Kerry Simon.

16th October 2014

Fact: Actor Bill Murray made an hilarious exit from The Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday (15Oct14), when he left in the middle of his segment to train for the TCS New York City Marathon, which takes place on 2 November (14). The Ghostbusters star ran around a New York City block in a tuxedo and eventually returned to the studio in a pedicab.

3rd October 2014

Quote: "You don't buy them anything... I was asked not to bring anything." Bill Murray reveals he didn't buy pal George Clooney and his new bride Amal Alamuddin a wedding gift. The couple tied the knot in in Italy over the weekend (27-29Sep14).

9th September 2014

Quote: "Melissa (MCCarthy) would be a spectacular Ghostbuster. And Kristen Wiig is so funny... I like this girl Linda Cardellini a lot, and Emma Stone is funny. There are some funny girls out there." Bill Murray names his ideal cast for the new female-focused reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise.

20th August 2014

Fact: Movie star Bill Murray is to get his own day in Canada. The American funnyman will be feted at the the Toronto International Film Festival next month (Sep14) with Bill Murray Day. Festival bosses will honour the actor with free screenings of his movies Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters and Stripes before the premiere of his new film St. Vincent on 5 September (14).

3rd March 2014

Fact: Bill Murray honoured his late pal and collaborator Harold Ramis at the Oscars on Sunday (02Mar14), as he graced the stage to present the Best Achievement in Cinematography award with Amy Adams, by adding the actor/filmmaker's name to the list of nominees. He quipped, "Oh, we forgot one. Harold Ramis for Caddyshack, Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day", earning a round of applause from the audience. Ramis died from a rare blood disorder on 24 February (14) at the age of 69.

13th February 2014

Quote: "I'm really slow so I miss these shows and I really look forward to getting a serious flu or something so I can get the (box) set and watch the whole thing." Bill Murray can't wait to catch up on Downton Abbey.

13th February 2014

Quote: "I said something but he didn't need to say anything and it wasn't important what was said. It was just between them but it would have been about love." Bill Murray still refuses to reveal his character's final whispered words to Scarlet Johansson in 2003 movie Lost In Translation.

20th November 2013

Fact: Bill Murray is to star in HBO miniseries Olive Kitteridge in a rare Tv appearance. Based on the award-winning book by Elizabeth Stout, the series centres on a town in New England where tragedy and scandal are rife. Frances MCDormand will play the title character and Murray will take the role of her widower friend Jack Dennison.

26th August 2013

Fact: Funnyman Bill Murray will turn back the clock on The Late Show With David Letterman on Thursday (29Aug13) when he helps celebrate the hit U.S. programme's 20th anniversary. The Ghostbusters star was Letterman's first guest when he debuted The Late Show in 1993. Thursday's appearance will be his 26th.

30th January 2013

Quote: "The reason I get asked (to star in films) is because I didn't really embarrass myself. I've never made any horrible, horrible movies. If you don't ruin your reputation you can always get work." Actor Bill Murray has maintained a steady career by avoiding box office flops.

29th August 2012

Quote: "Apparently he'll walk up behind people in New York and put his hands over their eyes, and when they turn around he'll say, 'No one will ever believe you,' and walk away." Actress Emma Stone shares a rumour she has heard about Bill Murray.

16th April 2012

Quote: "It's a possibility." Funnyman Bill Murray hasn't completely written off a return to the Ghostbusters franchise in a proposed third movie.

9th May 2011

Quote: "He's real strange, Mickey Rourke. I mean, I like him, I've worked with him a little bit over the years... He's got a lot of idiosyncrasies... Mickey Rourke has a soft centre... He has bizarre habits, strange habits to watch, and really, you can't take your eyes off it! But he's good, he's really good; he's always been really good." Bill Murray is fascinated by fellow actor Mickey Rourke, after working with him on 2010 drama Passion Play.

8th May 2011

Fact: Actor Bill Murray got into the horseracing spirit on Friday (06May11) when he appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman dressed in full jockey gear. The Ghostbusters star's oddball TV appearance saw him ride a mechanical bucking bronco and came on the eve of the sporting world's big event, The Kentucky Derby, on Saturday (07May11).

14th February 2011

Fact: Hollywood actor Bill Murray is a bonafide golfing pro - the CADDYSHACK star triumphed in the pro-am PGA Tournament in Pebble Beach, California at the weekend (12-13Feb11) after teaming up with sportsman D.A. Points.

9th September 2010

Quote: "They all just seem so unhappy; they seem miserable. If you were at the end of your life and you couldn't move, they could roll you out in Vegas and you could do a show. But it's really about hating the audience. It's weird." Bill Murray is adamant he will never try his hand at stand-up comedy.

10th August 2010

Quote: "It seems like he meets people and decides he doesn't like them, and I do not want to be one of the people he doesn't like, so I'd feel more comfortable never meeting him." Michael Cera has no intention of ever meeting his Ghostbusters idol Bill Murray.

26th July 2010

Quote: "I'm really just lazy. I don't have any plan about it... I've been lucky to get a whole different generation of filmmakers to send me their material and say, 'Would you do this?' And I've been lucky that they're good directors." Bill Murray relies on filmmakers to hunt him down for jobs after years without an agent.

22nd July 2010

Quote: "If you live long enough and you don't embarrass yourself people will take you seriously." Actor/comedian Bill Murray, 59, credits his age for his continuing success.

22nd July 2010

Fact: Bill Murray kept it cool in the scorching New York City summer heat on Wednesday night (21Jul10), by going "dumpster diving". The funnyman jumped into a makeshift pool made from a city dumpster and filled with trash and debris for a skit on U.S. TV programme the Late Show with David Letterman.

30th June 2010

Fact: Movie star Bill Murray's son Luke is a top chef at New York's Roebling Tea Room.

28th June 2010

Fact: Hollywood actor Bill Murray entertained attendees at pal Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday (26Jun10) when he took to the stage in a full Elvis Presley costume. The star, who hosted the event, emerged between sets dressed in an Elvis-style white jumpsuit, complete with sunglasses and a large glittering medallion to pay tribute to the King, before introducing John Mayer to the stage.

16th June 2010

Quote: "He's an inquisitive guy. He wanted to learn something about the tango, so my wife and I taught him a few tango steps. He's a talented guy." Robert Duvall on GET LOW co-star Bill Murray.

16th June 2010

Quote: "I really don't like to work, so it was a drag when I read the script and it was really good... I knew I had to do it." Bill Murray on signing up to star alongside Robert Duvall in new movie Get Low.

3rd May 2010

Fact: Bill Murray served up a literary treat to construction workers in New York on Monday morning (03May10) when he donned a hard hat and joined them on the site of the New Poets House to read poetry.

10th November 2009

Quote: "It was powerful to hear him sing that song in lower New York... It was a very emotional moment and a lot of New Yorkers felt it." Comedian Bill Murray bows down to rapper JAY-Z for his moving performance of hit single Empire State of Mind on Friday (06Nov09), as the pair celebrated the New York Yankees' 27th World Series win.

23rd October 2009

Quote: "It takes a while to understand George because he's a motormouth - he really can talk, so you've got to kind of wade through a lot of it." Bill Murray on his FANTASTIC MR. Fox co-star George Clooney.

31st July 2009

Fact: Benicio Del Toro has been honoured for his big screen achievements in Havana, Cuba. The star - who played Cuban activist Che Guevara in two films last year (08) - was handed the Tomas Gutierrez Alea prize at a ceremony attended by actors Robert Duvall, James Caan and Bill Murray.

30th April 2009

Quote: "He felt so bad for her... She came out to see him go by and he drilled it 270 yards left, over the water hazard, into her backyard and knocked her down." MICHAEL J. Fox was playing with Bill Murray in Florida earlier this month (Apr09) when a stray shot hit a bystander.

6th October 2008

Quote: "I worked really, really hard on a Wisconsin accent, because I thought that would be an appropriate badger voice. I did the first couple of scenes in this Wisconsin badger voice, that I thought was so funny, and then Wes Anderson goes, 'Nah, I don't think so.'" Bill Murray has trouble convincing director pal Anderson that the badger he voices in the movie adaptation of Roald Dahl's FANTASTIC MR. Fox hails from Wisconsin, which is known as The Badger State.

22nd July 2008

Fact: Funnyman Bill Murray is planning to parachute with stunt team the Golden Knights as part of the Chicago Air and Water Show on 15 August (08).

15th June 2008

Fact: Select journalists heading to next month's (Jul08) Comic-Con International comic book festival in San Diego, California will be transported there on board a train recreated to look like the mythical city in Bill Murray's new movie CITY OF EMBER.

8th October 2007

Quote: "He's good. I left him a message today, I told him, you know, 'Finally you're good in a movie and where the hell are you?'" Bill Murray misses his THE DARJEELING LIMITED co-star Owen Wilson since he reportedly tried to kill himself in August (07).

3rd August 2006

Fact: Movie funnyman Bill Murray has commissioned the stars of US reality show AMERICAN CHOPPER to customise a new motorbike for him with his beloved CADDYSHACK character CARL SPACKLER in mind. The new chopper will debut on the hit show next week (07AUG06).

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