As the reviews pour in for Hyde Park on Hudson, Bill Murray’s chances of getting an Oscar nomination seem to incher ever closer within reach. Admittedly, the reviews of the movie, overall, haven’t been exactly overwhelming anyone with praise, Kenneth Turan of Los Angeles Times explains it neatly when he said “Though he has competition, especially from the folks playing the visiting royals, Murray is very much the reason to see "Hyde Park."

In fact, judging by some of the reviews, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Bill Murray is the only reason to watch Hyde Park on Hudson. After all, Claudia Puig’s killer line “A romance that grows out of admiration over a stamp collection is about as boring as it sounds” hardly makes it sound as though it’s worth waiting for Murray’s shining moments, if you have to sit through a couple of hours of the cinematic equivalent of watching wallpaper dry, just to get to them.

Andrew O’Hehir seemed to have had a rather confusing experience, for such a seasoned cinema-goer. “I quite enjoyed Hyde Park on Hudson while I was watching it,” he explained, “but ultimately it feels like a minor picture on purpose, as if it had been deliberately designed to be everybody's second- or third-choice holiday film.” Bill Murray may well have pulled a stellar performance out of the bag but are the bods at the Academy going to notice it if they’re struggling to keep their eyes open?